EDOR® Supporting patient assessment by identifying hyporeactivity

EDOR® Supporting patient assessment by identifying hyporeactivity

EDOR® Supporting patient assessment by identifying hyporeactivity

Finally, another piece of the puzzle emerges

As the medical field has received many technical innovations over the years, psychiatry and psychology has been left with surprisingly little. Now, with the EDOR test, a new and objective method for use in psychiatry and psychology research and clinical routine is available.

What is EDOR® Test and what does it do?

EDOR Test is a psychophysiological test using electrodermal reactions evoked by the brain to repeated neutral sound signals in order to analyse habituation patterns. Normally, reactions to repeated neutral stimuli gradually subside over time as the brain learns and builds a memory model of the events. In one patient group, reactions to the signals stops very quickly. These patients are classified as hyporeactive. Hyporeactivity in turn, have been shown to be a state associated with a more challenged course of disease in patients with depression.

Hyporeactivity in depression

Hyporeactivity is a state that is stable over time and remains after the depression is treated. Depressed hyporeactive patients have increased vulnerability to relapses in depression, suicide attempts, and suicide among adults.

Although hyporeactivity is associated to increased risks in depression, it is independent of common factors commonly used in psychiatric care, such as:

Symptoms and depth of depression (BDI, MADRS)
Traits (STAI-Trait) anxiety
Serotonin activity (5-HIAA in liquor)
Age and gender in adults
Language and cultural background

It functions as a biomarker, adding vital biological information to the overall assessment of the patient and should be used as a complement in this process. With this addition, a higher precision in the short and long -term planning of treatment and care is possible to achieve.

More about the EDOR Method

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