About Emotra

Emotra is a Swedish med tech company active in the field of psychiatry and psychology with the goal of giving treating physicians more and better information to improving outcomes. The company’s product, EDOR test, is a psychophysiological test that identifies hyporeactive patients. Hyporeactivity among depressed patients acts as a biomarker, describing a condition with greater risks, such as suicide and relapse of depression. Customers consist of specialist psychiatric clinics, university hospitals and research institutes. The company has its office at Färögatan 33, 164 51 Kista.

The company develops and market the EDOR test and provide hardware, software, systems and services for testing in a clinical setting. The product is CE-marked for clinical use and hold patents for its applications.

In the coming years, the objective for Emotra is to build a knowledge basis for the test to be used as a routine test in psychiatry. A key aspect of this is to build a portfolio of published data as well as experience in how to translate this into a better management of mental health patients. Ultimately, our aim is to convey more about the underlying biologics of mental ill health and trough this reducing the stigma related to it.