Claes Holmberg
Claes HolmbergChairman of the Board of Directors of Emotra AB, born 1954

Shareholdings in Emotra AB (including related persons): 405,507 shares.

Claes Holmberg has a master’s degree in engineering and received his PhD in theoretical physics in 1986. Former Executive VP of Nobel Biocare, 1986–95 and CEO of Mediteam AB/Biolin AB, 1996–2003 and Biolight AB, 2003–2011. Former member and/or chairman of the board of several medical device companies and national interdisciplinary research programmes.

Daniel Poté
Daniel PotéPresident and CEO of Emotra AB, born in 1973

Shareholdings in Emotra AB: 43,988 shares

Daniel Poté has a solid background in international marketing of medical devices. He has previously worked with marketing on a manager level at Nobel Biocare, Haemochrom Diagnostica GmbH and other companies. Mr Poté joined Vitrolife AB in 2009. His area of responsibility there has consistently concerned international marketing activities. In his role as a global product manager at Vitrolife, he has been directly responsible for the majority of that company’s international new product launches.

Lars-Håkan Thorell
Lars-Håkan ThorellHead of Research and board member of Emotra AB, born 1943

Shareholdings in Emotra AB (including wife’s holdings): 1,290,976 shares.

Lars-Håkan Thorell is the inventor of “EDOR®”, Emotra’s measuring method and product system. Associate professor in experimental psychiatry with more than 40 years’ research experience. He has conducted research on suicide, psychophysiology and hyporeactivity for 25 years. For many of these years his place of employment has been the Institute for Clinical and Experimental Medicine, Psychiatry Department, at the Linköping University.

Married to Elizabeth Kaminski.

Margit Ferm
Margit FermBoard member of Emotra AB, born 1939

Shareholdings in Emotra AB: 73,731 shares.

Margit Ferm is a trained social worker and sociologist. She has worked as a manager and leader in the public sector at the municipal, county and national level, as well as in the private sector. Margit works with training executive committees, resident doctors, school staff, health care personnel and other public and private sector workers about suicide prevention. For many
years, she has been the chairperson of SPES, the Swedish national association for suicide prevention and support to surviving next of kin, which under her leadership was Sweden’s leading suicide-prevention organisation. Today she is the chairperson for the Jönköping county branch of SPES and is often invited as a speaker at conferences on suicide prevention.

Jan Pilebjer
Jan PilebjerBoard member of Emotra AB, born in 1954

Shareholdings in Emotra AB: 0 shares.

Jan Pilebjer, born in 1954, who basically holds an economics degree from Uppsala University, is Business Adviser and Business Intelligence Officer at GU Ventures AB. Pilebjer has worked in major worldwide companies and has founded and operated smaller start-up companies in both diagnostics and pharmaceuticals. Among Pilebjer’s international and industrial experiences are companies such as Baxter Healthcare Inc., Nycomed AS, KabiVitrum AB, Medirox AB, Biopool AB and Upjohn AB, where he held his base in countries such as Switzerland, the United States and Denmark.

Elizabeth KaminskiFormer deputy board member of Emotra AB, born 1957

Shareholdings in Emotra AB (including husband’s holdings): 1,290,976 shares.

Elizabeth Kaminski has specialist training in psychophysiological measurement and is one of Emotra AB’s founders. She has conducted her own research on psychophysiological reactions in children and adults and has performed hundreds of psychophysiological data measurements for employers such as Linköping University. Elizabeth is one of our processors of test data from Emotra’s customers and is a member of our evaluation team for new test versions.

Married to Lars-Håkan Thorell.

Financial function

For cost-optimisation reasons, the Company has not yet employed a CFO. For this reason, Emotra AB’s accounting and financial reporting functions have been outsourced to Jonebrant Ekonomikonsult AB, Corp. id no: 556501-8115, Göteborgsvägen 74, SE-433 63 Sävedalen, Sweden.


Thomas Nilsson, Chartered Accountant at Ernst & Young AB, is the Company’s accountant, born 1962, Marcus Hellsten, at Ernst & Young AB is the Company’s substitute Accountant, born 1977 Address: Odinsgatan 13, SE-401 82 Göteborg, Sweden.