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In Sweden 30 lives are lost every week because of suicide and an equal number make suicide attempts every day. On a global basis suicide is the fifth most common cause of death. Emotra has developed EDOR®, an objective method for measuring the brain’s immediate reaction to new events in a person’s surroundings. The aim is to detect the absence of certain reactions, so-called hyporeactivity, in depressed patients who are especially vulnerable to suicide attempts. Measuring reactivity with an EDOR® test allows the caregiver to base their risk assessment on an objective test. Depending on the test results, suicide-preventive measures can be implemented by the healthcare provider, especially for hyporeactive patients, leading to a reduction in the number of suicides.

Our goal is to grow with a reputable and strong product, with the vision that EDOR® shall become the standard method on all markets around the world where depressed and suicidal patients are treated.

Lars-Håkan Thorell began developing the EDOR® method as long ago as the early 1980s. The first scientific paper that demonstrated a strong connection between EDOR® test results and suicide attempts among depressed people was published in 1987. Emotra was founded in 2001 in order to further develop and commercialise the method. In 2013 we carried out a clinical study of 783 depressed patients. The study confirmed Thorell’s previously published findings on the connection between hyporeactivity and suicidal tendencies. In 2014 Emotra initiated a large, multi-centre study, EUDOR-A, which over several years has involved more than 1,500 patients at 16 leading psychiatric clinics in nine European countries, to examine the method’s efficacy, reliability and how it can best be utilised in clinical practice.

After a number of successful studies and fruitful development efforts, Emotra has its sights set on the future in the company’s transition from purely research-focused operations to a commercial market launch of the method. We see strong opportunities to commercialise EDOR®, especially since a number of clinical studies, most recently EUDOR-A, have provided clinical proof that hyporeactive individuals are extra vulnerable to suicide attempts and because the method is an objective and reliable way to determine whether a person is hyporeactive.

In our opinion, EDOR® is a mature product that has proven itself amply in clinical practice and, therefore, the time is ripe for a commercial launch of the method. In order to fully harness the market potential and commercial opportunities we see for EDOR®, we carried out a rights issue in June–July 2017 that brought in 12.4 MSEK, after issue expenses, to the company. The funds from this rights issue will primarily be used to establish a marketing organisation in the company with the main responsibility of managing the marketing activities necessary for a successful commercial launch. We have recruited a very competent Marketing Manager with broad and international experience to lead these efforts.

Our initial strategy is to focus our sales efforts on nationally prominent clinics in various European countries. As we do this, we will enlist the aid of clinics that participated in EUDOR-A, and which are already well acquainted with the method, in order to promote a market acceptance of EDOR®. Another facet of our sales strategy is to invite European psychiatrists and psychologists to training seminars and give them the opportunity to learn how they can use EDOR®. So far, we have carried out six successful training seminars in different countries across Europe. We have now begun our transition from a small research company to commercially-focused operations, with the goal of establishing EDOR® as an accepted method in the European psychiatric healthcare sector within a few years, thereby helping to prevent a lot of suicides.

Daniel Poté

CEO and President of Emotra AB