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EDOR®, Emotra’s method, is at the beginning of its initial commercialisation phase. Emotra’s success will strongly depend on the Company’s ability to gain acceptance for the concept at academically prestigious clinics in Sweden and around the world.

This work on gaining acceptance began at the end of 2012 and it has continued since then. A broad international clinical multicentre study, EUDOR-A, with more than 1 500 patients tested and followed up, was initiated 2014 and finalized in March 2017. After a consensus meeting was held in Rome, March 29-30, the company took the decision to launch EDOR® to psychiatric specialists in Europe.

Since the start of the launch in Europe, Emotra has changed its market introduction strategy for EDOR®. In the first and second quarter of 2018, the company has been working the markets more directly and with a greater geographical focus. Given the need to work cost efficiently, the focus is now on private psychiatric hospitals hand chains of hospitals in a limited number of major European cities.

These cities feature a high density of clinics with both open and closed wards that diagnose and treat patient groups that are relevant for testing with EDOR®. The psychiatrists, psychologists and therapists affiliated with these clinics often participate in local networks through which information and experiences of new methods and developments are shared. Emotra’s activities are aimed at establishing a first platform of users within these networks, which by and by will allow the company to achieve a wider clinical use.

Development and CE-marking of the product itself is complete. Patent has been approved in Sweden and Japan and patent application has been field also in within EU, US and Canada. The measurement curves from testing were previously analysed manually. Work with automating this analysis stage has come so far that a significant part of this analysis work can now be carried out by computer. Our continued software development will increase the method’s capacity.