EDOR is the name of Emotra’s test method but it is also the name of the company’s product system, of which one has been sold to the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm.

The product, EDOR, consists of hard- and software, which together constitute a complete diagnostic test device. In more details the system is comprised by a specially designed communication control device, a headset for the transfer of sound signals to the ears, a laptop with a software program designed for this specific purpose, software, training and education programs and expert services over internet.

EDOR Box is placed on a table in front of the test person. Sensors in the form of gold electrodes, for the measurement of elektrodermal activity and diodes for measuring blood flow in the fingers, are mounted on the upper side of the device.

Many years of research and long-term field experience have been the basis for the construction of the product system.

Among the most essential software components are the mathematical algorithms, necessary for the analysis of the measured values. The purpose with the analysis is to evaluate weather the tested patients are hyporeactive or not.

This software component constitutes the company’s most important product protection. Despite this fact the company will soon file a patent application. The product will be CE-marked in the near future.


There is no need for any modifications or reconstructions of the product before starting up international clinical multicentre studies. But it will still be possible to further develop hard- as well as software in order to meet future increased demands, for simpler and even more accurate test procedures.