Emotra develops and plan to market the product system, EDOR®, consisting of booth hard and software for the use of measurement of electrodermal reactivity and for analyses of test results. The product is CE-marked since 2014, which makes it possible for the company to sell and distribute the product within the EU market.

The hardware consists of three components;

  • The specially designed EDOR® Box, which controls all communication and signal handling
  • A laptop with specially designed software
  • Specially designed Earphones, the sound signal device, a headset for the transfer of sound signals to the ears

EDOR® Box is placed on a table in front of the test person. Sensors in the form of gold electrodes, for the measurement of elektrodermal activity and diodes for measuring blood flow in the fingers, are mounted on the upper side of the device.

The hardware is for sale to all clinics or academic institutions, which wish to perform routine based psychophysiological tests of hyporeactivity or do research in the field.

All purchasers of Equipment have to participate in a four hour compulsory training program and will get the possibility to attend further training programs in the future

As important as the hardware, is the EDOR® software, mainly consisting of analysis of measurement test results and evaluation of hyporeactivity.

The software consists of a number of different components;

  • First and foremost, Emotra analyses the incoming test results
  • Sending analyses result report to the responsible caregiver at the test centre


Emotra will offer the customers to buy individual analyses or alternatively, to sign a contract over a certain time including analyses and result reports.