Business concept

is to supply the psychiatric/hospital care  with EDOR, for the purpose of identifying risk patients as early as possible


Our previous marketing efforts have consisted of the Company’s own lectures, seminars and showcases at conventions. We expect to focus our continued marketing work on the Nordic countries, Germany, Poland, Italy, Spain, the UK and France.

The Company is collaborating with 18 clinics in 10 European countries on a study, EUDOR-A. More than 1,500 tests have been carried out at 15 centres. When the test data has been analysed, the results are returned to the clinics and the patients are followed up for twelve months. Once the last tested patient has been followed up, all of the results will be statistically processed and compiled. At the end of March 2017, we will be hosting a meeting in Rome, with the goal of reaching a consensus agreement in the group about how reliable everyone feels EDOR® is and what clinical benefits the method provides.

Our sales processes and market penetration will be facilitated by these clinics’ support of our method. Once we have enlisted the support of at least 5 clinics for our method, we will carry out parallel sales efforts aimed at smaller clinics.

In the first few years, our marketing efforts will solely focus on specialist clinics that participate in the most important scientific conventions. These care centres are the key players on the market.