EDOR®, Emotra’s method for identifying depressed patients who are at risk of committing suicide, is stirring ever more interest among psychiatrists. The reason is obvious. We have effective methods for protecting patients from committing suicide, but so far the profession has lacked feasible methods for determining which patients are at risk of committing suicide. Every day, four Swedes commit suicide, while another 20–30 people try to. Globally, suicide is the fifth most common cause of death, and around 1 million people take their own lives every year. The goal of our efforts is growth on all global markets through a strong, solid product that will help to reduce the number of suicides.

To ensure a successful market launch of EDOR®, we need to establish market acceptance, which we aim to achieve through our ongoing multi-centre study, EUDOR-A.

15 psychiatric clinics all around Europe, of which several are important opinion leaders, both internationally and domestically, had tested more than 1,500 patients using the method when the testing period ended on March 10, 2016. The commitment we have seen from these clinics is enormous and we enjoy very good relations with all of them. They all express immense satisfaction about how easy the test is to administer, as well as about the transfer of EDOR® test data and the return of analysis results. We are approaching the end of our study when all tested patients will have been followed up for a period of 12 months.

On March 29–30, 2017, we will wrap up the study by gathering all the participating clinics for a consensus meeting in Rome. On April 2–4, we aim to present our results at the European Psychiatric Association’s (EPA) international conference in Florence, Italy. If the goal of the study is achieved and if the results show that the method is safe, reliable and reproducible, the chances are great for a strongly positive consensus statement and that the participating clinics will be willing to actively contribute to spreading the word about our method to the psychiatric care sector as quickly as possible.

It is important that we have a presence at the right venues and in the right forums to get our message out. For that reason, it is very important that we participate in and present both EDOR® and Emotra at various domestic and international conferences. Lars-Håkan Thorell, the inventor of EDOR® and Emotra’s Research Manager, has presented EDOR® and the research behind it at several international scientific conferences around the world. In the coming year the number of presentations in connection with international conferences will go on increasing.

We intend to build strong alliances with leading clinics, researchers and international organisations and plan to let these parties manage many of the information and knowledge-spreading activities about our method. We have noticed a growing interest in our method in the USA, which could lead to clinics in the US wanting to conduct their own studies. If we determine that the possibilities for this are realistic, we do not see any obstacles to getting such studies going before we initiate our European launch. At present, however, our main focus is the completion of the ongoing multi-centre study and to establish international scientific consensus, based on the results of this study, about the method’s safety, effectiveness, reliability and reproducibility. This consensus will facilitate a market launch of the product in Europe.

Göteborg, February 2017

Claes Holmberg, CEO