Emotra is a medical device company situated in Gothenburg and with the R&D department in Linköping. Emotra performs all work in a small organisation and at a very low cost level until the company’s test method, EDOR, has received a strong scientific support from internationally leading clinical teams and the launch of the product can be initiated.

We offer our customers an instrument that is easy to use for very precise measurement of peripheral psychophysiological signals from the skin. This provides information about important psychological conditions and reactions.

We proudly present our product: EDOR with the unique control unit, EDOR Box.

EDOR should be used in the psychiatric care and research. The numbers of applications are numerous. Most importantly, EDOR test should be used as an objective support in routine clinical procedures, for the evaluation of risks for suicide.

Further information about our test method and product, EDOR, could be found on the pages for “THE METHOD” and for “PRODUCTS”.