EDOR measures electrodermal hyporeactivity and should primarily be used as a support in clinical assessment of risk for suicide among depressed patients.

A great number of these patients are found within the psychiatric and general hospital care. In a longer perspective there are many other public care centres which deals with depressed patients and which would benefit from using EDOR.

By medical and ethical reasons, Emotra has formulated rules or limitations for whom will be allowed to use EDOR

  • The buyer (or user) should be able to show the belonging to a medical clinic or a university institution
  • The user must agree to use the method only after a referral from a relevant specialist as a psychiatrist, psychologist, psychotherapist or a general doctor and only on patients for whom the specialist is responsible for the patient
  • In case EDOR will be used in research, it should only be used in projects that has been approved by ethical committees or similar
  • In case EDOR will be used for educational purpose, it must be with a special version of the product, with which clinical evaluation of suicide risks is not possible