The challenge with clinical assessments – a balancing act of risks

Assessing patients with regards to suicide risk is associated with two serious problems. One is underestimation of risk, leading to high-risk patients being offered insufficient actions, and the other is overestimation with the potential of providing too far-reaching actions to low-risk patients. Often, these decisions are time-limited where a clinician must decide the best course of action for the patient.

How EDOR® can address the challenge

  • EDOR® identifies hyporeactive patients, related to imminent risk of suicide or violent suicide attempts
  • Functions as a complement to the overall assessment, independent of:
    • Severity or depth of depressive state
    • Symptom of depression
    • Age (in adults) or gender
    • 5-HIAA in liquor
  • Quick results from a non-invasive method that can be conducted at the clinic
  • Supports communication in and between treatment teams and can facilitate patient communication

What is hyporeactivity and the EDOR® test?

The test is a regulatory approved (CE-Mark) medical device using biometric data, mainly electrodermal activity to analyse reaction patterns in patients. It is a non-invasive, In Vivo measurement, analysing immediate and non- conscious reactions to external stimulus from sound.

Abnormal reaction patterns are identified as hyporeactive, related to high risk of suicide and suicide attempts, functioning as a marker for high-risk patients. Hyporeactivity as a suicide marker is stable over time, remains in remission and in later depression episodes.

What it can mean for the patient

Irrespective of test result, the information can help the patient. Experience from clinical use are that patients with a normal reactivity can lower some of their anxiety and focus on healing their depressive episode.

Patients identified as hyporeactive many times value the increased contact with the caregiver.

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